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Sale & Rent Back

At Altfin, we understand the need for flexibility and customized options in equipment leasing. That’s why we offer a sale and rent back solution, which allows you to sell your equipment to us and then lease it back from us at a reasonable rate. This is a great option for businesses looking to free up capital. 

Benefits of Sale & Rent Back:


Access to Capital: Sale and leaseback transactions provide the Lessee with an infusion of capital, as they receive the proceeds from selling the asset. This capital can be used for various purposes, such as debt reduction, working capital, or business expansion.

Liquidity Improvement: By converting an owned asset into cash, the Lessee can improve its liquidity position. This can be particularly helpful during periods of financial strain or when a sudden need for capital arises.

Risk Transfer: The Lessee can transfer certain risks associated with asset ownership to the buyer through Sale & Rent Back option. This can result in cost savings and reduced operational responsibilities.

Asset Use Continuity: The Lessee can continue using the asset under a lease agreement, maintaining business operations and avoiding any disruptions.

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